//Earthvida (Biochar) 1.3kg

Earthvida (Biochar) 1.3kg


Earthvida Biochar is made from sustainable biomass and is enriched with natural nutrients and populated with billions of positively charged microorganisms. Enriched Biochar is now being used to grow urban trees and plants in cities across the world.

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Earthvida enriched biochar is a carbon negative product made from thermal decomposition of sustainable biomass. It improves the fertility, water retention, ph-value and aerobic porosity of your soil. It also enhances micro-organic activity, which transforms it into a long lasting fertile and living black earth (Terra Preta).

The Earthvida biochar is enriched with selected natural nutrients and populated with billions of positive microbes, also known as “Effective Microorgansims” (EM’s).

Earthvida enriched biochar contains no mineral fertilizers, no peat, no chemicals, which ensure long-lasting excellent soil fertility. By adding Earthvida enriched biochar to your soil, the carbon in the biochar will be locked into the soil for good and thus you help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. The carbonized material contains 3.6 times more than the amount of CO2 which the plant has absorbed from the atmosphere. Biochar is not only carbon neutral, but carbon negative and adding it to your soil will reduce your climate footprint.

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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 14 cm

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