Earthvida enriched biochar. Our biochar is a carbon negative product made from thermal decomposition of sustainable biomass. It improves the fertility, water retention, ph-value and aerobic porosity of your soil. It also enhances micro-organic activity, which transforms it into a long lasting fertile and living black earth (Terra Preta).

The Earthvida biochar is enriched with selected natural nutrients and populated with billions of positive microbes, also known as “Effective Microorgansims” (EM’s).

Earthvida enriched biochar contains no mineral fertilizers, no peat, no chemicals, which ensure long-lasting excellent soil fertility.
By adding Earthvida enriched biochar to your soil, the carbon in the biochar will be locked into the soil for good and thus you help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. The carbonized material contains 3.6 times more than the amount of CO2, which the plant has absorbed from the atmosphere. Biochar is not only carbon neutral, but carbon negative and adding it to your soil will reduce your climate footprint.

The indigenous people of South-America succeeded over many centuries to supply even large cities with food despite nutrient-poor primeval forest soils. This was only possible by using the black earth “Terra Preta do Indio”. Terra Preta differs from other black soils in its origin. It was specifically made by humans, using a composting method but combining leftover charcoal from their bonfires with biological waste. The secret of the Terra Preta lies in the combination of the biochar enriched with microorganisms and fertilizers and over time the black earth grew to a depth of several metres.

The value of this soil was recognized in the 20th century and it was sold in all parts of the world. Only through modern research has it been possible to scientifically prove the complex biological interrelationships and the associated effects. Today, Terra Preta is regarded as a potential solution to the world food problem as well as climate change through permanent carbon sequestration.

Biochar isn’t in itself a fertilizer, however, when enriched like Earthvida biochar, it aids soils to retain nutrients and microbes and make them more easily available to plants. The evidence that enriched biochar has profoundly important effects is becoming more widely known as it reduces the need to use chemical fertilizers.
Why use enriched biochar from Earthvida?
Earthvida enriched biochar consists of: carbon from biomass, microorganisms and nutrients. More specifically: biochar, vegetable substances from food production, (vinasse, sugar cane molasses), microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus casei)), photosynthesis bacteria (Rhodopseudomonas palustris), yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Earthvida biochar is made from sustainable untreated wood residues and wood chips. It serves as a reservoir for water and nutrients and provides a habitat for microorganisms and suitable for organic gardening/farming.

Our biochar is produced using a novel refinement process enabling it’s high absorbency together with an ideal pH value. This particularly open-pored biochar creates the optimal habitat for numerous fungi and bacteria enabling an immediate symbiosis of the plant roots with microorganisms in the soil. Its highly effective fertilizing properties results from the “revitalisation” of the biochar, i.e. the colonisation with bacteria and the enrichment with high-quality nutrients in the form of amino acids.
How it works
Biochar provides an excellent water and nutrient reservoir for most plants regardless of where they are planted. Amino Acids are the basis of plant metabolism.  The amino acids, with which our biochar is enriched, replace conventional NPK fertilizers with amino acid fertilizers. Proteins are formed by sequence of Amino Acids. Plants absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur better if they are offered in a near-natural form such as Amino Acids.

Benefits from applying biochar
Improves plant strength and yield.
Improves soil porosity, enabling plant roots to breathe.
Adds badly needed organic nutrients to your garden, regenerating depleted soil from last season and acting as a long-term fertilizer.
Helps soil retain nutrients and beneficial microorganisms more effectively.
Decreases soil acidity.
Improves soil fertility through increased cation-exchange capacity.
Improves moisture retention – biochar retains up to 5 times its weight in moisture.

Instructions for use
Our 1.2 litre tub contains 450g of biochar. For new planting, add Earthvida at a 10-15% ratio to your soil (natural or compost mix) and some gravel. For existing plants, shrubs, trees and lawns apply biochar as a top dressing and either rake or hoe it a few cm in to the soil. Biochar should always be mixed with the substrate and not remain on the surface. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.
Storage Instructions
Store in a cool, dry place protected from the weather. After opening, replace lid and do not allow to dry out as biochar should be lightly moist. The nutrient and microbe content may change slightly during prolonged storage. During storage, white fungus may develop in the product. This is a not harmful but indicates the vitalising effect of the product.
Nutrients and other components
Nitrogen (N)  1.3%
Phosphate (P2O5)  0.09%
Potassium (K2O)  2.1%
Magnesium (Mg)  <0.05%
Carbon content of untreated charcoal  >80%
Immediately available nitrogen content   20%. 80% available within 3 – 5 weeks.

Recommended Application  Application Rate to Soil
Plant substrate   10 – 15%
Large plant   10 – 15%
Vegetable gardening  10 – 15%
Bokashi/Compost addition  10%
Other pack sizes available on request
1Kg or 5Kg tubs, 10Kg or 20 Kg sacks or 1m3 bulk bags
Current prices for the above sizes can be found on the price list on our website (
Recyclable packaging
The tub containing the biochar is made from polypropylene (5 PP), which is recyclable.
Your success using our sustainable biochar is important to us. We will be happy to answer questions which you may post on our website